About WST

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail traverses Dominica’s stunning and beautiful coastline. The indigenous Kalinago named the island Waitukubuli, Tall is Her Body, and one experiences the true meaning of the name while paddling the Caribbean coastline taking in the breathtaking views of the majestic mountains rising from the sea. The leeward Caribbean coast provides shelter from the power and unpredictability of the expansive Atlantic Ocean. This unique Sea Trail has something to offer for everyone. There is everything from rugged shorelines to beaches, surf, snorkeling, and seaside communities. New and experienced paddlers alike will enjoy exploring Dominica’s dramatic coast, along with the small and welcoming communities (villages) along the way.

Soufriere Outdoor Centre

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail is a joint private sector/public sector project. It was spearheaded by the Soufriere Outdoor Centre along with the Ministry of Tourism and the Discover Dominica Authority. This is the first sea trail of its kind in the Caribbean and fits in perfectly with Dominica’s focus on eco-tourism.

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail is an approximately 40-mile (60 km) long marine trail running south to north along the east coast of Dominica. The trail starts in the south at Scotts Head and is composed of 14 segments just like the Waitukubuli National hiking trail that also takes you the length of Dominica. It is recommended to take a week for the excursion in order to accommodate weather and inland exploration. The Waitukubuli Sea Trail takes paddlers along spectacular coastlines past many colorful, welcoming communities. These seaside communities offer authentic food, cross-cultural experiences, and lodging opportunities. Most paddlers come for nature but fall in love with Dominica because of the people and culture.