Segment 01 - 14


15.215001°, -61.374371° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 2.5 TO 3KM
Community Tourism Group: Scott’s Head Improvement Committee The Sea Trail commences on the breathtaking Marine Park of Scott’s Head Point, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. This is a popular diving and snorkeling spot where stunning marine life can be observed. Only a short paddle away from Segment Two, this is a wonderful day trip paddle, should one choose. Take a hike up to the top and follow the interpretive signage to learn more about the area. If you like snorkeling, be sure to walk up the Caribbean side of Scotts Head to the beach and snorkel out to the point for some of the best reefs in Dominica. Have a local meal at Dianne's restaurant or seafood at Chez Wen overlooking Soufriere Bay.
Accommodations: several units on Airbnb or Soufriere Accommodations


15.232480°, -61.361686° | 3.55KM
Where the Soufriere Outdoor Center is located! Get outfitted for your paddle and stay at Soufriere Guesthouse or Jungle Bay. Enjoy the warm welcome from the village people and understand what Dominica truly is. Be sure to soak in the beautiful Bubble Beach after paddling Segment One. One of the few places in the world with a geothermal heated beach with warm baths. You can find a good, local meal at Teacher's Place or have a Lionfish for lunch at Nature Island Dive.
Recommended Accommodation: Soufriere Guesthouse, Rosehill Heights, Jungle Bay, Rodney’s Wellness Retreat


15.245272°, -61.72853° | APPROXIMATELY 5KM
Stop and see some incredible marine life. A wonderful spot to take a day trip or stop for a snorkel along the way. Snorkel to see the famous champagne bubbles rising from the sea floor. Donny's Water Sports has snorkeling equipment for rent as well as drinks for sale. In addition to restaurants at the hotels, there is a nice jerk chicken center in Castle Comfort. The gas station sells nice chicken and chips (fries) also.
Recommended Accommodation: Ocean’s Edge Hotel, Anchorage Hotel, Sea World Guesthouse, Evergreen Hotel.
Community Tourism Groups: Newton Association of Yacht Security, Wotten Waven Development Committee, Morne Anglaise Community Tourism Group


FY: 15.295434°, -61.387002° | SW: 15.288296°, -61.376736° | DISTANCE APPROXIMATELY 4KM
The capital of Dominica is a colorful, historic town with several attractions, numerous restaurants, and several different places to stay. Petite Paris is a popular cafe on the Bayfront near the Ferry Terminal. Fresh Market is a great place to stock up on groceries. The outdoor municipal market to buy local produce. The market can be found across the street from KFC which is very popular in Dominica. Things to do: Dominica Museum, Walking History Tour of Roseau, Botanical Gardens, Old market Square, Morne Bruce, Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge
Accommodations: Fort Young, Sutton Place Hotel, Flamboyant Hotel.


15.332757°, -61.3947804° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 4KM
A beautiful beach that was once a popular spot in the 90s. While it still boasts an incredible shoreline, the area is surrounded by an industrial park. There is a local restaurant on the shore where you can buy lunch and cold drinks.
Possible hotel/accommodation options with transport in Canefield.


15.353149°, -61.393966° | DISTANCE APPROXIMATELY 6KM
Mahaut is known as the village that never sleeps. A lively village with lots of action on the main strip. There is a lovely beach on the northern end of the village near the L&O Guesthouse. Recent paddlers were able to land near a small dock ‘jetty’ and store their boats with the fishermen. It’s always a good practice to offer a drink in exchange for a service like that!
Recommended Accommodation: L&O Guesthouse, Airbnbs in the area
Community Tourism Groups: Layou Improvement Committee, DCTAI


15.395386°, -61.425922° | 8.32KM | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 5KM
Where paddlers can have a bit of fun catching some waves. Stay at the beautiful Beach House in Layou, which is right off the beach and features a rooftop hot tub. All conveniently located right next door to Boyd’s famous bakes! Enjoy local activities such as bird watching with Dr. Birdie. Layou is a recommended two-day stay! Groups can opt for a stay at Jennifer's House, a popular AirBnB with transportation provided.
Recommended Accommodation: The Beach House, Jennifer’s House
Community Tourism Groups: Layou Improvement Committee, DCTAI, Salisbury Fisheries and Tourism Committee.


15.433980°, -61.437257° | 5.98KM | DISTANCE APPROXIMATELY 5KM
A gorgeous beach that has been recently developed by the community. Excellent snorkeling to the North of the beach. A fun bar is open on the weekends towards the south of the beach. A new bar opened recently. Two paddlers found an Airbnb in the village and were able to secure their kayaks on the beach at one of the shops.
Accommodations: The Tamarind Tree, Airbnbs.


15.451227°, -61.447003° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 4.5KM
A secluded little beach with good ‘rock gardening’ along the cliffs. Be sure to bob and weave your kayak along the base of the cliff enjoying fun kayak maneuvers between the rock outcroppings. Be on the lookout for iguanas in the area. They are spotted frequently.
Accommodations: Sunset Bay Club.


15.486308°, -61.464993° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 4.5KM
A friendly fishing village to experience a true Dominican welcome ashore. You will find local community tourism such as boat and snorkeling tours and a fabulous beach to kick back and relax at. Fun fact: back in 1828, Colihaut boasted 12 billiard tables and 16 taverns!
This is a great fishing village to explore. Lots of history in the village. You will find some friendly bars, restaurants and local shops. The folks at Sea and Sun Retreat will show you around and ensure that your stay is memorable.
Accommodations:Sea and Sun Retreat (right on the beach), found on Airbnb and Facebook.


15.516606°, -61.470288° | 6.3KM
Home of one of the loveliest seaside playfields in Dominica. Make a quick stop to explore this quaint fishing village.
Community Tourism Groups: PAYS, NDETC


15.554145°, -61.402191° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 6KM
Dominica’s second city! Lots of good restaurants and two very popular beaches. Be sure to stop at Secret Beach and paddle through the gorgeous arch at the beach. Things to do: The Cabrits National Park, Fort Shirley, Indian River, Syndicate, Secret Beach, Purple Turtle Restaurant
Recommended Accommodations: Picard Beach Cottages, Secret Bay, Intercontinental, Fort Shirley
Community Tourism Groups: PAYS, NDETC


15.609572°, -61.464282° | 7.42KM
Land on a beautiful sandy beach and fill your belly up with true Caribbean cuisine. Go for a sunset snorkel and finish the night off by falling asleep in a hammock listening to waves crash on the beach. A truly authentic Caribbean experience. Keepin' it Real is a landmark in the area and very well known for lobster and seafood. A new restaurant and bar is happening on the weekends, The Almond Deck.
Recommended Accommodations: Keepin’ It Real
Community Tourism Groups: Capuchin Community Tourism Group


15.629432°, -61.463458° | DISTANCE, APPROXIMATELY 2KM
Finish the trail on the northernmost point of the island! You will paddle north to the most dramatic coastline in Dominica. After viewing the mesmerizing Guadeloupe Channel, you will land at the most Northern Fishing beach at Capuchin next to the remains of a jetty. This quaint fishing beach is the perfect ending to an epic adventure. Walk down the road to Peter’s Bar and have a celebratory drink.
Celebrate at Peter’s Bar, Capuchin