Things to consider

Getting to and from

Dominica is considered the hidden gem of the Caribbean for good reason. It is the path less traveled and sometimes a challenge to reach. The Discover Dominica Authority (Ministry of Tourism) has the latest travel information on traveling to Dominica. Douglas-Charles (DOM), formerly known as Melville Hall, is the main airport. Most visitors to Dominica will arrive through Douglas-Charles, the larger of the two airports. Douglas-Charles, located on the northeastern side of the island, is a 1.5-hour drive to Soufriere.
Here are some travel tips from us:
  • Book far in advance especially if you are traveling around the time of the World Creole Festival or Carnival. See our local festivals section below.
  • Miami and Puerto Rico are the main hubs for connecting flights from North America.
  • Many travelers from the UK find routes through Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, or the French Islands of Guadeloupe or Martinique.
  • Flying to St Lucia or the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique and then taking the Ferry is a fun option to mix up your vacation with another Caribbean Island.

Local Festivals

Dominica has a rich culture full of music, food, and dance. Much of this is celebrated with festivals and carnivals. Please have a look at the calendar of festivities in Dominica. Please note that most accommodations in the south get booked out far in advance for the World Creole Music Festival and Carnival. Accommodations in the north get booked out for Jazz Fest.The dates change from year to year so it is best to check the Dominica Festivals website.


Traditionally, the most enjoyable weather is November through April. The days are cooler than the summer months. That time frame is outside Hurricane Season. The trade winds are traditionally from the east during this time. They generally range from 10 to 30 knots on any given day.

A popular site for wind is Windy is very useful for predicting the winds during your trip. It also has good radar images to help you judge the current weather. Regardless of what site you utilize to gauge the weather, you must be diligent in watching the weather as it changes rapidly in Dominica, and high winds can be experienced.

Popular sites for weather prediction in Dominica are,,

Hurricane Season (June 1 - Nov. 30) can actually provide very calm conditions but the risk of booking an expedition when a tropical wave, depression, storm, or hurricane occurs is high. If you decide to kayak during this time, you must be vigilant about checking the weather. A popular site for monitoring weather during hurricane season is NOAA's National Hurricane Centre

Skill Level

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail is marketed towards beginner, intermediate and expert kayakers. This is due to multiple factors including warm waters, minor tidal differences, basic navigation, and moderate sea conditions. This does not mean that it is a beginner sea trail. All kayakers will need expedition experience in reading weather, packing kayaks, paddling loaded kayaks, and rescues. In addition, paddlers can expect high winds, moderate and large waves, surf landings, long distances without suitable landings, steep and rocky landings, boat traffic, and minimal communications.

We will only rent to individuals who can guarantee the appropriate skill level for the expedition. Beginners without appropriate paddling experience are welcome to sign up for our tours.